Safe product shipping is a necessary part of a successful supply chain. Investing in quality materials and reliable equipment to create secure loads is a minor cost compared to the billions of dollars businesses lose to shipments being damaged during transit every year. Proper palletizing, stretch wrapping, and other secondary packaging processes help ensure your products make it to their intended destinations in pristine condition. Save money and keep customers satisfied with these tips to reduce product damage during shipping.

Implement Automatic Palletizing

Palletizing is the process of taking a variety of products and combining or unitizing them into a single pallet load. With manual palletizing, you rely on workers to stack pallets by hand. Even with the best employees, this can lead to gaps between boxes and other mistakes that cause products to move around more while the pallet is in motion. This increases the risk of product damage during transit.

Automatic palletizing systems offer a more reliable way to stack your products on a pallet. Using machines to stack products minimizes errors and establishes consistency to transport every product load as safely and securely as possible.

Use the Right Materials

Quality materials deliver quality results. Be smart about the packaging, pallets, and other materials you use to create product loads. Make sure you use durable pallets that are neither too big nor too small for the products you’re stacking.

It’s also important to choose the right packing materials for each unique product. A combination case packer with fast changeover times makes it easy to accomplish a variety of packing formats in a single production line, ensuring secure packaging for every type of product you distribute.

Prioritize Proper Containment Force

Containment force is the total amount of pressure the layers of stretch wrap create on your product load. Creating the right amount of containment force as you wrap the pallet from top to bottom ensures your products are stable and secure. This helps prevent product loads from shifting or slipping off the pallet during transit, thus minimizing damage to the products and their primary packaging. Semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers use precision and consistency to create proper containment force for every load.

Robopac USA can help your facility minimize product damage during shipping with reliable automatic and semi-automatic solutions such as stretch wrappers and palletizers. Work with our experts today to implement the equipment you need to increase safety and reduce product loss in your supply chain.