Moving food items from one place to another is a challenge. Businesses in the food industry must find reliable ways to keep their products fresh and intact while following all applicable regulations. Thankfully, with some careful planning and organization, shipping commercial food products doesn’t have to be a headache. Improve safety, efficiency, and success in your supply chain with these tips for shipping commercial food products.

Ensure Adequate Temperature Control

It is critically important to ensure adequate temperature control when shipping food products such as meat, seafood, and dairy. Temperatures outside a safe range can quickly degrade these products, as well as harm anyone consuming them.

Temperature-sensitive foods require specialized containers and cooling materials to keep them from spoiling during shipping. For instance, insulated boxes with an ice pack inside can provide insulation that keeps your product at the right temperature for extended periods of time regardless of external environmental conditions. Other solutions for shipping frozen or refrigerated items include insulated liners, pads, gel packs, and dry ice.

Keep in mind that each shipment requires tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and regulations of the food product. Failing to meet these requirements can result in damaged goods or, worse yet, food-borne illness or contamination of other products.

Establish Clear Documentation Guidelines

Proper documentation is another essential tip for shipping commercial food products. Implementing clear documentation guidelines can enable food shipping businesses to run more efficiently and improve the quality of their service. A standardized approach to logging and verifying data will reduce human error and give staff peace of mind that items are documented accurately and on time. Using digital technology like cloud-based document systems also helps make accessing records easy and efficient.

Use a Case Packer for Secure Packaging

Using a case packer to package and ship food products is an ideal scenario for commercial food industries. This piece of equipment securely packages items into cases, providing maximum protection to the product when it is in transit.

Robopac USA’s case packers can pack almost any commercial food product, including food in cans, jars, and boxes and beverages in PET bottles. With versatile configurations and flexible formatting, our case packer equipment can package products in film only, tray and film, pad and film, and wraparound cases. This versatility enables producers to handle a broad range of product sizes and formats, while highly adjustable configurations give businesses the flexibility to meet changing production needs. With these features, case packers offer businesses simple yet effective ways to improve the quality, speed, and dependability of their food shipments.