Palletizer machines are invaluable tools in the packaging industry. These pieces of equipment ensure proper load construction, and they help minimize the likelihood of human errors. Without this equipment, people would spend hours every day stacking and wrapping boxes before shipping them out to manufacturers. Since these machines are so prominent in manufacturing plants, workers must know how to use them properly. Follow these tips for proper freight palletizing so everything’s done correctly, and everyone remains safe on the job.


The number one tip for proper freight palletizing is always to keep your safety in mind. Palletizing machines are heavy-duty machinery. Safety is our number one priority here at ROBOPAC USA. All our palletizing machines come equipped with special safety precautions so that no one becomes injured when operating one of the tools.

Controlled door entry assures the palletizer is in a safe condition prior to operator exposure to the restricted hazard area. Controlled entry is part of a comprehensive safety protocol. It also includes redundant protection for gravity-induced hazards and removal of all high voltage outside the control panel during any entrance into the safety enclosure.

Our palletizers include category 3 safety standards based on controlled entrance protocols. Controlled entrance safety design encloses all palletizer related hazards inside an integral safety enclosure. The Safety Controller confirms status prior to allowing entrance to the enclosure. The controlled entrance provides the highest possible level of operator safety.

Set Yourself Up for Success

It’s so important to set yourself up for success when you’re working with palletizing machines. Ensuring your boxes are oriented properly as they come through the infeed is vital. Perfect Pattern palletizer technology by ROBOPAC USA positively controls product handling through the infeed system providing confirmation of final product orientation and known position for row building.

Continuous infeed product processing allows slower speeds for gentle product handling. Products are squared prior to row build allowing perfectly spaced rows. Each product length is measured to confirm product orientation prior to row build. Rare defectively orientated products can be automatically rejected, or an alarm can initiate operator intervention. Products are precisely positioned on row build allowing accurate electronic gapping of rows avoiding product collisions. This ensures each row on the pallet is unitized properly for shipment.

Palletizing machines significantly improve the efficiency of so many manufacturing plants. The machines stack boxes on top of each other to prepare them for shipment, and some palletizers from ROBOPAC USA use concurrent stretch wrapping during the palletizing process. This secures the packages in a stretch film to prevent damage. The expert team at ROBOPAC USA wants to assist you with all your palletizing needs. Our palletizing machines are known to be the most reliable, safest, and smallest footprint machines available to completely transform any warehouse.