Case sealers are utilized by many companies to help keep cases straight so that they don’t jam when they are going through the taper. Jams and shifting cases often lead to extra downtime. Downtime is a huge time waster that leads to a less profitable and less efficient operation.

An ideal load is made of square cases, as they can stack better on a pallet. This reduces the gaps which often allow movement during the transportation process. This shifting during transport can lead to product damage and damage to the primary packaging, making the goods non-viable to sell. Case sealers are undeniably a helpful and efficient part of any packaging operation, but there are so many kinds to choose from. Learn more about the different types of case sealers in this guide so you can best choose the right one for your secondary packaging operation.

Semi-automatic fixed format

A semi-automatic fixed format case taper is best for operations that produce large amounts of the same size. If your facility works with a standard-sized box, then a fixed format or uniform case sealer is the best option for you. These machines seal your boxes from top to bottom.

Semi-automatic random size

A semi-automatic random size case sealer is perfect for the operation with a lot of variances. Many facilities find themselves without a standard case size because they need to accommodate different product loads. This means you need a machine as flexible as you are. These machines can adapt to any carton size and is perfect for the fluctuating operation.

Automatic fixed format

Automatic fixed format case sealers are ideal choices for facilities that regularly have high volume loads and need a quick, effortless output. These are the fastest and most efficient way to process large loads of cases that are the same uniform size.

Automatic self-sealing

An automatic self-sealing case sealer machine allows operations that handle large outputs in short amounts of time to customize their secondary packaging operation to even the most random sized boxes. This is the right choice for large operations that experience a lot of variances.

For all your needs for an automatic or semi-automatic case sealer, check out our selection of case sealers. Our machines can handle all types of flutes, double wall and single wall, and most of the common case sizes. Our machines are designed to keep cases straight, so they don’t jam and you don’t have to add downtime to your day.