Finding a stretch wrapping solution that fits the demands of your warehouse is the key to building a more efficient, productive, and profitable workflow. Stretch wrap turntables and pallet wrapping turntables are an ideal option for many low- to medium-volume facilities. Learn more about the benefits of a turntable stretch wrapping machine for your secondary packaging needs with this overview.

Reduce Film Costs

Turntable stretch wrapping machines perform with better consistency and cost-effectiveness than manual hand wrapping methods. When employees wrap pallets by hand, they can only pre-stretch the film up to 10 percent. On the other hand, turntable stretch wrapping machines can pre-stretch film up to 200 to 400 percent.

Additionally, employees can test and build recipes into the turntable stretch wrapper’s operating panel to use the correct amount of film with every load. These features allow you to make the most of your stretch film and create a more cost-effective workflow.

Eliminate Human Error

One of the biggest benefits of a turntable stretch wrapping machine is the ability to eliminate human error in your wrapping process. Even the best employees can make mistakes. Manual wrapping will never be as consistent as pre-programmed wrap settings on a machine. This consistency also creates better efficiency. Some turntable stretch wrapping machines are available with scale kits that allow you to wrap and weigh the load in a single process, further streamlining your workflow.

Furthermore, mistakes from manual wrapping can put the safety of your employees at risk. When you use a turntable wrapping machine instead of manually wrapping your pallets, you minimize product damage, protect your employees, and create a more stable load without spending as much time and money.

Improve Load Quality

Better load stability protects your products after they leave your facility. Turntable stretch wrappers have the strength and precision necessary to create reliable protection and stability with every load. Employees can program the machine to create the correct containment force with each load. These programmable settings make the turntable stretch wrapper versatile enough to securely handle multiple kinds of loads and pallets. Additionally, some turntable stretch wrappers have roping devices available that lock the load to the pallet to create extra stability.

Stretch wrapping and pallet wrapping turntables are a great way to improve efficiency, consistency, and productivity in your packaging workflow. Learn more about our turntable stretch wrapping solutions at Robopac USA today.