Thinking about making the switch from arduous hand-wrapping to machine wrapping? Or are you simply looking for new and improved equipment for your warehouse or distribution center? Here are six advantages of semi-automatic stretch wrapping that showcase why semi-automatic stretch wrappers are a must-have for any packaging facility.

Reduce Film Consumption

If you are wrapping more than 10 loads per day, it makes sense to automate. Using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper can help your business cut down on film costs. This is mainly due to pre-stretch technology. Pre-stretched film is film that’s been stretched to to get the most out of the film based on the pre-stretch gear setting. For example, if you are using 300% pre-stretch, you are taking one foot of film and turning it into four feet of film. Pre-stretch film has better memory, is more durable, provides a uniform stretch, is easier to apply, and eliminates neck down. This helps your business get the most out of each roll of film.

CUBE Technology, which is exclusive to Robopac USA, is proved to reduce film consumption by 30 percent to 55 percent. Send in your products to our TechLab, and we’ll conduct scientific testing on your loads to prove how we’ll reduce product damage and film costs.

Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

The next advantage of semi-automatic stretch wrapping is that it can reduce on-the-job injuries. The repetitive motions of hand-wrapping can cause considerable strain on your employees’ backs, arms, and legs. Since semi-automatic stretch wrappers wrap loads in lieu of human workers, you can say goodbye to injuries caused by load wrapping.

Reduce In-Transit Damage

Less product damage translates into less time and money spent and leads to a considerable boost in customer satisfaction. A semi-automatic stretch wrapper will wrap your loads with the correct containment force every time, which keeps them protected against dirt, dust, moisture, and impact damage. Robopac USA’s CUBE Technology is proven to reduce product damage up to 40 percent.

Improved Load Stability

The main reason we use stretch wrap is to unitize loads for shipment. Unitizing loads for shipment makes products easier to transport and ship. It also protects individual products from damage. But how do you unitize loads efficiently? Using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper is the best way to unitize and stabilize loads. Unlike hand wrapping where consistency will vary from load to load, these machines wrap pallet loads consistently every time and ensure your products will remain safe and secure during transit.

Reduced Labor Costs

A new machine always requires an upfront investment. But this investment is worthwhile when you know the machine will save you money in the long run. As mentioned before, if you are hand wrapping 10 loads or more per day you need to automate. Because semi-automatic stretch wrappers require minimal human intervention, you can reduce or repurpose labor that would otherwise be used to hand-wrap loads.

Increase Throughput Capabilities

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers can increase your business’s throughput capabilities, which means you can process significantly more units per hour and per day. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are much faster and more accurate than human workers.

If you need a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine for your business, come shop with Robopac USA. We’re the largest secondary packaging equipment company in the world and offer top-of-the-line machines that come equipped with Robopac-exclusive R-Connect and CUBE Technology.