Adding an automatic stretch wrapper to your operation’s arsenal of machinery can boost productivity, increase efficiency, and save you money. After assessing your company’s needs, output, and average volumes, you can better decide which type of automatic stretch wrapper best fits your unique needs. A rotary ring stretch wrapper might even be the right choice for you. Check out the main reasons to use an automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper to discover the benefits your operation could enjoy.

Higher throughput capacity

Automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers have a higher throughput capacity than other automatic stretch wrappers. This secondary packaging machine was designed with your operation’s high volume and constant demand in mind. A higher throughput capacity means your operation can function more quickly and at a higher capacity with ease. There are many different models of the automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper for you to choose from. Each is unique in its design to accurately meet your business’s needs. A Robopac USA sales professional and project manager will work with you to survey your available space and typical loads to determine which would best fit in your operation and best produce positive results. Each of Robopac USA’s unique automatic stretch wrappers comes equipped with R-connect and Cube Technology which are designed to be superior in functionality by giving you total control of your machines, even remotely.

Better wrapping of lightweight and irregular loads

Automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers are designed with irregular and lighter loads in mind. On other secondary packaging machines, lightweight load or irregular loads would not be packaged properly, and it would greatly decrease productivity and efficiency. With an automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper, all of your lightweight and irregular loads can be handled as swiftly and as securely as regular, heavier loads. These machines are built with fluctuation in loads in mind.

Built for longevity

Automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers from Robopac USA are built to last. There is a 10-year warranty available for all rotary ring stretch wrappers. An automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper is an investment designed to continuously save your business money by wrapping more securely to reduce primary packaging and product damage, wrapping faster to increase productivity, and to use less stretch film. Over time, this wrapper will save your company money and keep your production on track and even ahead of schedule.

Now that you’ve explored some of the reasons to use an automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper, it’s time to find the perfect one for your operation. For all of your automatic stretch wrapper needs, contact Robopac USA today for more information and to find out which automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper is best for your operation.