All warehouses deal with space limitations at some point. As your business expands, finding new ways to increase your inventory, install better equipment, and house your growing team can be a challenge. Making smart decisions about your facility floor is the key to boosting efficiency, maintaining a safe and clean environment, and ensuring you have room to keep growing as a business. Stay on top of your company’s physical footprint with these practical tips to maximize the space in any warehouse.

Save Floor Space With Built-In Weighing Systems

Combining multiple processes into a single, convenient step is the key to removing unnecessary equipment and saving valuable floor space. One way to do this is to wrap and weigh your product loads at the same time. Invest in a weighing system that you can easily place under your turntable stretch wrapper.

Stretch wrappers with a built-in weighing system allow you to weigh the load and wrap it in a single, easy step. This eliminates the need to take the load from the stretch wrapper to a separate weighing location in your facility, which saves time as well as floor space.

Choose All-in-One Palletizers With Concurrent Stretch Wrapping

Another way to consolidate steps is to invest in a palletizer that includes concurrent stretch wrapping. TopTier, a Robopac company, offers palletizers with a concurrent stretch wrapping option. As a result, you get an all-in-one machine that saves floor space by handling palletizing and stretch wrapping in a single, optimized step.

Mobilize Your Processes With Portable Stretch Wrappers

Flexibility is an essential part of maximizing the space in any warehouse. Mobile solutions such as portable stretch wrappers remove bottlenecks in your workflow. When you can bring the stretch wrapper to the load rather than the other way around, you create a flexible workflow that can operate efficiently anywhere in your facility. This frees up more of your facility floor for other equipment or processes.

Robopac USA has the semi-automatic stretch wrappers and other secondary packaging solutions necessary to consolidate processes, maximize efficiency, and let you make the most of your warehouse floor. Find the optimal equipment for your workflow at Robopac USA today.