When you run a high-production packaging facility, you need machinery and systems you can rely on. If your equipment breaks down, you can face costly repairs, productivity halts, frustrated employees, and unsatisfied customers. Investing in quality equipment like case packers can preserve your profits and keep your workflow smooth and reliable. Discover how case packers support medium- to large-scale packaging facilities with this guide.

Incredible Throughput Capacity

Taking a group of items and packing them for shipment is a tedious task to perform by hand, which makes it perfect for fast and powerful equipment like case packer machines. Case packers pack products in multiple formats quickly, streamlining workflow and increasing your facility’s productivity. Case packer equipment is faster and more accurate than manual labor. As a result, case packers have the throughput capacity you need to keep up with the demands and goals of your business.

Low Cost of Ownership

Robopac USA’s wrap-around case packers and other types of case packer equipment are durable and reliable. With minimal system downtime and dependable support when issues arise, you can worry less about your equipment and more about the rest of your business.

Investing in a case packer machine means investing in maximum efficiency, greater productivity, and a more optimized workflow overall. The power and performance of case packers result in a low cost of ownership that will benefit your business for years.

Reduced Material Costs

Case packers deliver a level of precision that manual labor can’t replicate. When case packers wrap products in film, supportive trays, or corrugated blanks, they perfectly fit the dimensions of the products to create a secure and stable package. This optimized wrapping process means your facility makes the most of your packaging materials, thus decreasing material costs and reducing waste for your business.

Reliable Consistency

Consistency is a major part of how case packers support medium- to large-scale packaging facilities. Case packer machines are faster, more powerful, and more precise than manual labor. Even the best employees make mistakes sometimes, especially when they perform the same monotonous task—like taking a group of products and packing them for shipment—all day long. Because case packers don’t get tired or make human errors, they deliver secure packaging every single time. For uniform results you can always rely on, your facility needs quality case packer equipment.

Robopac USA has the solutions you need to meet the demands of your business. Learn more about our case packers and see how we can enhance your workflow today.