When owners and managers of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants look to optimize their production operations, they often want to save time and increase profitability. One way they can accomplish this is by investing in automatic palletization. Palletization is something most facilities rely on to increase their loading and unloading efficiency and to protect their products during transportation. Although palletization can be improved, many facilities overlook this crucial change. Check out this guide to answer the question: How can an automated palletizer optimize production?

Automated palletizing saves time

Switching from palletizing shipments by hand to an automated palletizing system saves tons of time in your secondary packaging operation. Palletizing is a cumbersome task for workers; it’s difficult to complete correctly by hand. Workers often take a lot of time to create a pallet that can be safely wrapped prior to shipment. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. An automatic palletizer machine, however, can load pallets much quicker than human hands can and with a lot less strain on your workforce.

It increases consistency

Using an automatic palletizer machine increases your packaging’s consistency. Loading pallets by hand often leads to issues with consistency due to human error and normal variation. This doesn’t mean the workers aren’t doing their jobs correctly; even the best manual palletizer in the business can’t make every pallet exactly the same. Still, consistency is necessary to protect products. The products are kept safe during transport by palletization only when the containment force is exactly right. To achieve this, the pallets should be stacked with square boxes that fit snuggly on the pallet. With a Robopac USA automatic palletizer machine, you can rest assured that your boxes will be properly stacked to create one solid unit.

It saves money

Automatic palletizing machines save tons of money. Having poorly stacked pallets can make wrapping them much more difficult, and you want to avoid unnecessary product damage and labor costs. When items are properly palletized, they are much less likely to be damaged during shipment. Having more viable products means an increased profit for your company. Palletizers are also faster and more efficient, so they save you time. Plus, because they’re automatic, you can save on labor costs.