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Shrink Wrappers – Wrap Around Case Packers


The Prasmatic TCS series case packers are medium-speed automatic shrink wrapping machines and wrap around case packer machines for end of line packaging. Max speed is 30 PPM.

TCS is the series of Prasmatic wrapping machines mainly dedicated to the food and dairy industries, where the primary requirement of high reliability is combined with the request for a high number of packaging solutions and the respect of high quality and hygiene standards. The main features are: ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and ease of management; these features make this machine series a product that is essential to the realization of various packaging solutions achievable in corrugated fiberboard and shrink films. The extremely compact dimensions allow an easy adaptation to the most diverse layout requirements.
Depending on the set-up, in addition to all the classic types of end-of-line packaging, this series of machines can also realize special packages, thanks to the many technical solutions that can be installed.

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TCS Shrink Wrapper Case Packer

Type of packaging

All in one


TCS 310 Series Dairy
TCS 310 Series Food
TCS 310 Series Ice Cream
TCS 310 Series Ice Frozens


This device can be set up at the machine infeed to feed and distribute single products or product packages coming from a single-row belt into more than one row. The divider comes in various models and configurations based on line production speed and product type, it is particularly suitable for products with an irregular shape.

Automatic Multilane Divider
Wash Down Configuration


The Wash down application is particularly dedicated to all those sectors that require high hygiene quality standards, especially the dairy sector.


The press separation system is suitable for medium/low speed. The product used to create the format is separated by the combined action of the press and the bottom conveyor belt. This solution ensures the maximum simplicity in terms of function and adjustment during the format change operations.

Press Separation
Retractable Collating Plate


This solution offers high flexibility for the range of formats that can be produced, it also offers an excellent compromise when switching from tray packaging to packs with heat-shrink film only, and vice versa. The pneumatically-actuated surface offers the possibility of producing trays with high edges, it is particularly suited for the production of full height trays.


This device can be set up at the feed belt entrance to turn the individual product by 180° on its vertical axis. In the final package, the product caps are set up opposite each other. This solution provides greater stability of the pack during palletizing operations. This solution with dual infeed makes it possible to receive product arriving from two filling machines simultaneously without losing traceability. In comparison to standard solutions, it also offers considerable advantages in terms of layout, as it can be applied in extremely reduced spaces.

Carton Rotation
Rotating Separator


This device separates various types of product groups or product packages coming from an orthogonal feed belt. The separator is composed of a product selection unit and a rotating bar unit driven by a brushless motor, to feed products into the machine. The group of separated products can be further divided and fed into a machine several times to obtain different groupings for packaging.


This device separates various types of product groups or product packages coming from an orthogonal feed belt, it is particularly suited for low speeds and products with a regular or irregular shape such as trays, jerrycans etc. The separator is composed of a product selection unit and an orthogonal pusher to feed the products into the machine. The pusher is fitted with a pneumatically-controlled tilting vane, which moves along a linear guide driven by a brushless motor.

Orthogonal Separator
Pick and Place


This device separates products coming from an orthogonal or in-line feed belt. It is particularly suited for products with an irregular and unstable shape, especially sauce or detergent bottles. The separator is composed of a product selection unit and a multiple pick-up gripper to pick up and feed separated products into the machine. The gripper is pneumatically controlled and moves along a linear guide driven by a brushless motor. The same solution can be applied to in-line feeding, exploiting the walking beam principle.


This device separates various types of product groups, especially boxes or cartons coming from an orthogonal feed belt. The separator is composed of a pneumatically-controlled double gripper which further divides the products and arranges them for treatment on a double lane while they are feeding into the machine. The movement along a linear guide driven by a brushless motor.

Double Gripper Separator


This gripper device controlled by a brushless motor separates and then stacks groups of products coming from an in-line feed belt. This solution is particularly suited for boxes.


To protect the carton gable tops, Prasmatic proposes placing a vertical layer of cardboard with a triangular fold on the end into the package made of heat-shrink film. The TPAD is the forming device that works without glue and places this layer between two rows of cartons. The device is normally combined with an orthogonal separator.

Product Accompanying Unit


Particularly suited for products with an irregular shape and low stability, this device guarantees correct and precise coupling of the product with the blank. The unit controlled by a brushless motor and can also be used to transfer the product from the machine to the shrink tunnel.


Various film reel positioning solutions are available, the ergonomics are particularly well-designed. Better access for format change operations and reel sealing means excellent man-machine interaction. The external reels option also offers automatic reel-change. AUTOMATIC REEL CHANGE The system seals and cuts the film in a fully-automated fashion without any operator intervention, this option makes it possible to continue without stopping film unwinding and the production cycle. The reel configuration is set up by the operator, through simple manual procedures.

Film Reels
Removable Film Unit


The system offers easy access the film unit, for quick and efficient maintenance. This application is particularly suited for liquid product sectors, such as dairy and beverage, where the primary packaging may break, possibly soiling the film


The role of the stacker unit is to stack two or more layers of product, the unit can be configured differently based on the type of product or the packaging solution. Thanks to its reduced dimensions or its mechanism, it can be installed without increasing the footprint of the base machine.

Automatic Format Change


For models with automatic format change, switching to the new format is carried out electronically through brushless motors, in most cases there is no need for tools or for the machine to be manned by the operator. Format change operations are carried out simply from the operator panel.

Capacity/Speed (Packs Per Min)Max 30 PPM
Format OptionsFilm Only, Tray Only, Pad & Film, Tray & Film, Wraparound
Load Capacity
Machine Structure
Film Delivery System
Operator Interface
Utility Requirements
Safety Features