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Semi-Auto Stretch Wrappers – Vertical: Robot

Robot Master portable semi-automatic stretch wrapper

The Robot Master portable stretch wrapper’s technology and reliability are unmatched in its category. The Robot Master is an easy to use, safe, agile, and compact packaging machine based on Robopac’s experience with over 25,000 robots sold worldwide. Robot Master is also equipped with technical solutions like start cycle siren, blinker visible during product wrapping, immediate stop button and emergency bumpers that ensure high safety levels.
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Robot Master


R-Connect, available for this portable stretch wrapper, is our latest innovation. It was developed to provide usage and performance data via the cloud, enabling you to meet Industry 4.0 demands by putting performance monitoring and optimization at your fingertips. Utilization drastically reduces downtime by giving you informational transparency, allowing you to connect with your machines remotely to investigate alarms, adjust parameters, and respond promptly. This Industry 4.0 innovation empowers you with actionable insight to continuously improve performance, cost savings, and automation.

Robot Master control panel


New 3.5 inches control panel with color graphic display.


Spool carriage with mechanical brake on return roller. Constant stretch of the film independently of the diameter of the spool. Brake engagement/release device to facilitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet. Auxiliary metal rolls ensure a higher contact surface between film and return roller.

Robot Master FRD film carriage
Robot Master rudder


With the rudder you can easily carry the robot from one point to another without the use of forklifts. Manual movement controls in ergonomic position for easy use of the robot.


The tracing wheel allows to safely follow the profile of all the pallets, allowing the robot to wrap the product in complete autonomy.

Robot Master tracing system
Robot Master technical features 1Robot Master technical features 2Robot Master technical features 3Robot Master technical features 4