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Chief Financial Officer

Summary: The CFO will be responsible for all financial and managerial accounting as well as treasury functions. As head of the US accounting department, the CFO will manage and supervise all aspects of accounting reporting in accordance with the direction and parameters set by the Global CFO of Aetna Group Spa. Responsible for development of internal control policies, procedures, and financial planning. As a member of the executive team, will be expected to provide strategic guidance and support to the CEO to define and achieve company objectives.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the timely submission of accurate and complete financial performance results, monthly, quarterly and annually in accordance with the Group deadlines.
  • Present accurate analysis of budgets, reports and trends to the management team to ensure that the strategic vision is communicated and understood in a manner that allows the management team to develop and execute the tactics and plan that support that vision
  • Promote continual improvement of the budgeting process through education of department managers on financial issues impacting their budgets
  • Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance.
  • Drive company growth by improving cross functional communication, and creating cross company efficiencies.
  • Ensure management, coordination and proper function of ERP systems across all US companies.
  • Provide leadership as well as technical financial advice and knowledge to others within the financial discipline
  • Collaborate with management to ensure execution of tactics and action plans
  • Collaborate with CEO and HR to manage the company health care and liability insurance programs.
  • Collaborate with all business groups to problem-solve across functions.
  • Monitor and enforce adherence to best business practices and controls.
  • Develop and maintain credible relationships with Bankers, Auditors, Legal Counsel, Insurance Brokers and all professional advisors.
  • Ensure approval and sign off on the annual business and financial plans for US
  • Ensure the development of appropriate business partners required to execute our strategic and tactical plans.
  • Travel to other company locations and customers as necessary.
  • Supervision of US accounting staff.

Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university; a CMA, CPA and/or MBA plus a minimum of 5 to 7 years of related experience and/or training; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Professional certification is highly preferred but not required.
  • Proven ability collaborating across business units to produce successful outcomes.
  • Proven ability to translate numbers into narratives for leaders across functions and businesses.
  • Ability to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.
  • Supervisory experience in managing teams at multiple locations.
  • Literacy in MS Word, MS Excel and Outlook; as well as the ability to learn the company’s ERP System
  • Preferably previous SAP experience.
  • The ability to define problems, collect appropriate data, establish facts, and dry valid conclusions, as well as to present findings to the management team in a well-organized manner for evaluation and approval.

All interested parties who wish to apply should send their resume to the following email address:

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Location: Duluth, GA
Travel: 45% domestic travel to the following customer and distributor locations (and other potential future locations): Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 1-2 days per location visit.

Duties: Review contractual commitments, customer specifications, and related information to determine logistics and support requirements including costs, available space, schedule, technical requirements, and ergonomics. Provide logistics technology and information for effective and efficient support of product, equipment and system manufacturing and service. Create, populate, and maintain databases for capacity planning analyses for logistics distribution functions via data pipelines and automated systems, such as SAP, PipeDrive, and Zendesk. Provide logistical facility and capacity planning analyses for distribution and transportation functions by communicating with factory in Italy regarding packaging machinery compliance documentation and European engineering standards for logistics and packaging machinery. Improve operating procedure of distribution partners to develop or maintain cost estimates, forecasts, or costs models on the usage of consumables on packaging machinery, via packaging optimization documents for semi-automatic machinery. Analyze feedback from key staff to identify efficiency-improvement, cost-reduction, and update current documentation for packaging machinery products, and add updated documentation to application for Apple devices. Develop or document procedures to minimize or mitigate carbon output resulting from as-is A-to-B logistics shipments, via Green Report cards and development of industry-focused case histories. Prepare conceptual designs for distribution and production facilities for packaging machinery placement. Conceptualize new product ideas through CAD software to suggest prototypes that support logistics and distribution functions. Analyze feedback about current machinery operation and develop specifications for equipment, material-handling systems, and facility layouts to improve product’s market value. Prepare, maintain, and review compliance for environmental certification standards, such as engineering change notices, schematics, or protocols. Prepare reports for manufacturing processes of packaging machinery based on reviews of procedures and protocols; ensure requirements are fully understood and implementation plans for standard operating procedures match expectations. Use maintenance-data reporting or automated information systems (R-Connect) to assess lack of productivity for packaging machinery and to leverage the machinery for success in as-is A-to-B logistics shipments.

Education: Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or closely related field (foreign equivalent accepted); AND
Experience: 2 years’ experience as a Technical Support Engineer or similar position.

2 years’ experience in each of the following:
1.  Working with secondary packaging and logistics manufacturing processes and quality control protocols;
2.  Working with U.S. engineering standards for logistics and packaging machinery (UL and cUL);
3.  Working with European engineering standards for logistics and packaging machinery (CE and Sistema Reports);
4.  Working with CAD sheet metal bending as applied to secondary packaging and logistics machinery;
5.  Working with SAP for data processing analysis;
6.  Working with Zendesk to analyze capacity planning for distribution functions via machine operation feedback on the field;
7.  Working with Pipedrive to gather customer requirements in unified database; and

1 year of experience in the following:
8.  Working with C++ and Swift 2 to troubleshoot and update iOS apps to support online tools for secondary packaging and logistics machine recommendation.

All experience, skills, and requirements may be gained concurrently.

All interested parties who wish to apply should send their resume to the following email address:

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