Business owners who use pallet wrappers in their work should do their research on how to properly install the machine. Though pallet wrappers can have an instant impact on your efficiency, they may become a dangerous burden if you ignore the proper safety techniques for installation. Read these three easy tips for installing a pallet wrapper so that you can use the machines to their fullest potential.

Read Instructions Prior To Installation

If you choose to install your stretch wrapper yourself, it’s important that you read the machine instructions prior to installation. The instructions include vital safety precautions that you should follow to help prevent injury. Some manufacturers provide installation videos with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. It’s also vital to the success of your pallet wrapper that you install it on solid, even ground. If you install the wrapper somewhere unstable, you run the risk of it tipping over. The last thing you want as a business owner is to be held liable for an accident involving a piece of equipment. To avoid those accidents and keep everything operational, you must be considerate of where you place the pallet wrapper.

Limit Dust and Debris

Dust and other debris may eventually interfere with the machine’s ability to function. Among the three easy tips for installing a pallet wrapper, one of the most important is that you keep it away from harmful debris. Though this can be a difficult feat depending on the dust levels in your warehouse or factory, it is recommended that you keep your pallet wrapper in areas with clean and well-ventilated air.

Avoid Extension Cords

Another bit of advice that stresses the importance of your employees’ safety is that you want to avoid the use of extension cords when installing your pallet wrapper. Extension cords, though helpful in creating more space, pose several risks, such as tripping and electrocution. When you set up your turntable or rotary arm pallet wrapper, make sure it is close enough to an outlet that it does not need an extension cord to operate. If you want to avoid the need for electricity during operation, consider purchasing a battery-powered portable stretch wrapper.


A pallet wrapper will boost your productivity and capabilities a great deal. But you must be careful how you install the machine. People who do not read the machine instructions prior to installation, do not install it on even ground, do not limit dust and debris, and avoid extension cords put themselves and their staff in danger. If you wish to learn more about our turntable stretch wrappers, visit us at