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Perfect Pattern Infeed System

Robopac USA, a leading secondary packaging company, recognizes the crucial role of smart palletizing systems in optimizing the efficiency and stability of pallet building. With the advancement of technology, the ability to create precise and perfectly spaced product patterns on pallets has become paramount. These intelligent palletizing systems, such as Robopac’s cutting-edge Perfect Pattern infeed system, ensure flawless product handling, accurate orientation, and optimal row building for seamless operation.

There is no overstating the importance of using precise, optimized product patterns when building pallet loads. By accurately positioning each product on the pallet, the Perfect Pattern palletizing system eliminates defective patterns and minimizes the risk of product damage during transportation and storage. The result is a significant improvement in packaging density and stability, which in turn reduces the chances of goods shifting or toppling over during transit.

Moreover, the use of smart palletizing systems enables seamless operations by providing continuous infeed product processing. This gives you the option to move products at slower speeds, which allows for the gentle handling of delicate and valuable products. The extra care and attention put into handling these fragile products helps guarantee their integrity throughout the packaging process, minimizing product damage and resulting in higher levels of success and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the ability to measure product length and confirm proper orientation before building each row ensures that the pallet pattern software correctly places every single package, which further enhances the overall quality of the pallet.


Exclusive Perfect Pattern palletizer technology positively controls product handling through the infeed system providing confirmation of final product orientation and known position for row building. Proper product orientation eliminates defective patterns. Available in medium and higher speed configurations.


  • Continuous infeed product processing allows slower speeds for gentle product handling
  • Products are squared prior to row build allowing perfectly spaced rows
  • Each product length is measured to confirm product orientation prior to row build
  • Rare defectively orientated products can be automatically rejected or an alarm can initiate operator intervention
  • Products are precisely positioned on row build allowing accurate electronic gapping of rows avoiding product collision

Robopac USA offers the Perfect Pattern product packaging software in multiple speed configurations so you can implement a solution that suits the specific needs of your production line. Whether you operate in the food, beverage, dairy, paper, plastics, or other industries, our Perfect Pattern palletizers deliver unmatched precision and efficiency.

To experience the benefits of our Perfect Pattern infeed system firsthand, contact us today. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection process and help you find the perfect palletizer solution for your business. Trust Robopac USA to enhance your secondary packaging operations with innovative technologies.