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Auriga RT-H
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Auriga RT-H is our industrial, fully automated reach truck LGV series designed to lift heavy loads to high heights.

This compact laser guided vehicle works at significant heights in reduced space. This model can move up to 3,086 lbs (1.400 kg). Auriga RT-H is designed to transport pallets that are opened on the picking side or any type of pallet.

Our conveyor vehicles are designed to move the product from one conveyor to another. The Auriga C range goes from Auriga C1, which transports one single pallet, up to the larger Auriga C4, which transports 4 pallets simultaneously.


Reduced Dimensions

High flexibility
Load handling between shelving placed at a distance.

High Capacity

High load capacity in height
Possibility to work at a height of 335 in. (8.500 mm)


For its Auriga range, OCME applies the highest safety and technology standards existing on the market for what concerns LGV vehicles.

When discussing about LGV system safety, we do not only refer to vehicles, but also to the plant where these are installed.

In order to increase safety and minimize residual risks during the development phase of the project, OCME carries out a detailed analysis of the risks, in agreement with the customer.
Furthermore, training courses are regularly proposed in order to raise awareness of the safety risks among operators.


Auriga RT-H Sustainability


This is a reach truck with reduced dimensions, able to move in-between shelving placed at a distance of 11 ft. (3.300 mm) from one another. This vehicle uses a Triplex lifting mast for elevation up to 28 ft. (8.500 mm).

In order to increase the number of working hours, the minimum capacity of the batteries is 620 Ah. Maximum speed in automatic mode is 5.5 ft. (1.700 mm)/second.


  • automatic battery change

  • manual battery change

  • battery recharge by opportunity: battery recharge station

  • waterless batteries: open lead acid, reduced maintenance

  • Lithium batteries: no maintenance required and no gas emission and fast recharge