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Auriga PS is an automatic laser guided vehicle with covering forks. In low position, the forks  cover the rear wheels just like an electrical pallet truck. This machine is the best laser-guided warehouse stacking equipment in the industry.

Auriga PS Rear Wheels

Thanks to the wheels position in relation to the load being carried, the PS model can move up to 3,300 lbs. (1.500 kg), while being a machine of reduced dimensions. Auriga PS is therefore ideal to work in reduced space, between production lines for instance, or in warehouses as well.


Reduced Dimensions

Reduced dimensions
Extremely  compact and agile machine, able to move in reduced space, whilst guaranteeing maximum safety.

High Capacity

High capacity
In relation to its reduced dimensions, the vehicle can move products for up to 3,300 lbs. (1.500 kg) loads.


We ensure that each machine in our Auriga line of equipment meets the highest safety and technology standards applicable to laser-guided systems.

We apply these safety standards to the vehicles themselves and to the facilities where they are installed.

Before we even begin design and production, we assess and analyze potential risks. This allows us to catch any possible safety hazards during development, so we can implement the right solutions.

At Robopac USA, we also propose thorough training courses to raise awareness of the risks. This gives warehouse equipment stacking operators the confidence to do their jobs effectively.


We pay particular attention to sustainability, and we strive to promote substantial cost savings in the following ways:

  • AC motors

  • energy recovery during braking (Kers)

  • high efficiency batteries (XFC Flex)

With these features in place, battery life is much longer.


The load capacity of Auriga 15 PS is 3,300 lbs. (1500 kg ) with a 23.6 in. (600 mm) load center.

The machine is 32.3 in. (820 mm) wide and 86.6 in (2200 mm) long.

Forks are lifted from 40 to 118 in. (1000 to 3000 mm) at maximum speed of 67 in. (1700 mm) per second.


  • manual battery change

  • automatic battery change

  • waterless batteries: open lead acid, reduced maintenance

  • battery recharge by opportunity: battery recharge station

  • XFC Flex batteries: pure lead, no maintenance required, and no gas emission during the charge

  • gel batteries: lead-gel, no maintenance required and no gas emission during the charge