The more flexible your facility is, the more success you’ll have when you need to adapt to industry changes, supply chain fluctuations, evolving customer demands, and other challenges. Investing in versatile machinery is the key to creating a flexible and resilient workflow.

When it comes to case packing, a machine that offers multiple formats—including film only, pad and film, tray and film, and wrap-around cases—is the key to successfully handling a variety of products. See how the right case packer enables flexibility and continued success for your facility with this rundown.

Multiple Formats Help You Evolve With Your Clients

A case packer is a substantial investment, so it’s important that the packer you choose will continue to serve you in the years to come. A multiple-format case packer can do this. As customers’ needs change, so will their packaging formats. This means you can lose clients if you don’t have the resources to pack new products at the same rate.

Multiple format case packers allow you to adjust to format changes with little hassle. When clients revamp their product packaging, they can still turn to you for secure and efficient secondary packaging services.

Ease of Changeover Empowers Efficiency

Multiple-format case packers offer incredible ease of changeover so that you can switch between packing types with minimal downtime. This keeps your workflow moving even when handling a versatile range of product types. Efficient changeover processes allow you to remain fast and flexible as you meet production requirements.

An All-in-One Solution Consolidates Your Packaging Line

Using different packaging lines for different product formats is slow, repetitive, and takes up a significant amount of floor space. When your case packer can handle multiple formats, you can move all of your products through a single packing line. This helps you make the most of your facility floor while achieving greater results through a faster, more streamlined workflow.

See how the right case packer can enable flexibility in your facility when you partner with Robopac USA. Discover our case packer equipment and find the ideal solution for your business by contacting our team today.