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Secondary Packaging Equipment for End-of-Line Solutions

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Since 1987, ROBOPAC has been engaged in the production of secondary packaging equipment for end-of-line use in the beverage industry. This experience has helped ROBOPAC provide the highest possible levels of packaging equipment technology. It was ROBOPAC’s awareness of the demands of the beverage industry that led to the development of stretch wrappers that wrap in excess of 200 palletized loads per hour. This same understanding allows us to offer shrink bundling systems and wrap around case packers capable of running between 20 and 150 cycles per minute.
In addition to pallet wrapping and case packing, ROBOPAC offers a complete line of palletizing and depalletization machinery. The understanding that “end of line packaging” is the first step in your company’s logistics and transportation process has pushed ROBOPAC to offer some of the world’s most technically advanced Laser Guided Vehicles.
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Robopac USA understands the rigorous demands of the food industry. Our years of industry experience, large global footprint, and wide product range allow Robopac to offer secondary packaging solutions that tackle both simple and complex challenges. In the food industry, we’ve developed several quality machines to solve your factory’s biggest problems. This equipment includes case packers, bundlers, palletizers, stretch wrappers, and laser guided vehicles. No matter which industry you serve, Robopac USA has a broad range of secondary packaging equipment for end-of-line applications in your facility.
Our customers have used our machines in many applications, such as bakery items, snacks, confections, frozen foods, and meat. Robopac USA’s packing technology creates a secure seal in both palletizing and stretch wrapping applications. This ensures your goods make it to the customer in the desired condition.
Let us help you transform your production process. Our experienced specialists can answer any questions you have about our equipment and recommend the best machinery to complete the job you need done.
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